For registration, a referral letter from your general practitioner or medical specialist is always necessary with clear reference to the BGGZ or Specialist GGZ and your telephone number.

We will always ask you for an email address, for example for the appointment reminder, online treatments, but also to be able to log in to your personal digital file.

You can mail the referral letter to, send it by post to the address Sarya or put it in the letterbox on the 3rd floor Eudokiaplein 33.

You are eligible for treatment at Stichting Sarya if you:

  • Have a valid referral letter
  • Are insured with Achmea, Aevitae, CZ, DSW or VGZ
  • Are willing to actively contribute to treatment

Your registration will be screened and your data will be processed in the registration overview. The secretariat will inform you orally about the registration procedure and the current waiting time. The secretariat will contact you by telephone to schedule the intake interviews. If desired, a confirmation will be sent by email.

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